With 35 years experience in Credit Insurance world wide, we are the premier independent agency in southern California for the structure, pricing, and administration of all the credit insurance policies now being written. Our service record is excellent, and our success with claim payments is superb!


We market and place only credit insurance along with Credit Advisory / Credit Management programs.  Our brokerage provides full daily service to our clients in administering their insurance needs.  These services includes:


                        Processing and recording all limit requests and coverage decisions


                        Checking, recording and distributing Approved Limit Endorsements


                        Processing, recording and responding to Buyer Reviews


                        Forwarding and recording limit reductions and cancellations


                        Receiving, reviewing, recording and forwarding claims


                        Receiving, checking, forwarding and recording claim payments

                        and salvage


                        Processing renewal paperwork and negotiating renewal terms


                        Reviewing new credit insurance policies and costs