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Protect Your Companies Largest Assets

Your "Accounts Receivables" are your companies largest assets and in today's current economic environment, they are now at an even nigher risk then ever before!
What Credit Insurance Can Do For Your Company:
Reduce bad debt risk concentration
Enhance the value of your companies receivables
Increase your companies sales with out increasing the risk
Expand into markets considered high risk in today's trends
Provide competitive terms in export and import
Favorably looked upon when negotiating lines of credit
Why Come To LNS:
As full service brokerage specializing only in the field of Credit Insurance; we have the expertise and the knowledge on all the programs available and can guide you, negotiate on your behalf, and handle your day to day needs in handling your AR insurance.

With direct access to underwriters, we will negotiate the best possible policy with the best possible terms and coverage to protect and grow your business safely ..